Refund Policy

Cancellation/Refund Policy

We do not give refunds or pro-rated refunds, all sales, deposits, set-up fees, subscription payments, etc are non-refundable. You may cancel any subscription at any time through our dashboard which YOU (as the customer) create credentials for at the beginning of your subscription. If you decide to move your website, build your website on another hosting provider, and anything that would result in your website NOT being hosted with us anymore, YOU as the customer are responsible for canceling hosting within our dashboard. We monitor the health of our server(s) and your connections to plugins, not your domains connectivity to our hosting.

If you do not have your login credentials, use the cell phone number you provided at checkout and text the word “username” to our phone number (770) 407-5210. If you do not receive a text to your phone on file please feel free to message us through text at the same phone number or through our chat widget on the bottom right-hand side of this website.

  1. Hosting Cancellation
    You have full control to cancel your hosting and can cancel anytime within the MyWebChef dashboard on this website. Should your account be billed prior to your cancellation, we DO NOT give refunds nor will there be any prorated refund. Should you cancel your subscription, your website will be deleted at the end of the billing cycle (see your account) and a backup will not be available. After this time RESTORATION WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE and additional charges will apply to recreate your website. As stated before, it is you, the customers responsibility to cancel your hosting at the time you choose.
  2. Should you “Forget”, misunderstand, or any other reason your subscription stays “Active” in your dashboard
    We also do not give refunds, pro-rated discounts, or anything for customers who DO NOT cancel their hosting THEMSELVES through their own account in our dashboard ( Should you “forget” or any other reason your account stays “Active” and one or multiple months of hosting are charged, that is completely the responsibility of the customer. If you DO NOT cancel we (MyWebChef/Five Multimedia) keep your server instance running, resubscribe to plugins, monitor the back end, etc as long as your account is “Active”.
  3. Moving to another hosting provider
    Should you need to move to another hosting provider, you are able to do so at anytime (unless you fall under section 3 of the Cancellation/Refund Policy). DO NOT cancel your hosting, please contact us to retain a copy of your website where you will then be responsible for installing the website on the new hosting. Should you move hosting providers away from us, we have the right and will remove ALL plugin licenses we provide. At that point you will need to purchase your own license for each plugin to regain or continue to have functionality should it be interrupted and/or stop all together. You will need a new license for the plugins we disconnected because eventually they will need to be updated and the only way to update them is to have a license.
  4. Third Party / Corporate Hosting Partnerships
    MyWebChef provides hosting for third party/corporate partners that specifically limit usage of their website theme templates to ONLY our hosting platform. With those partnerships we have automations and agreements that IF you as their customer DO NOT, or STOP payment with one of those partners, your website will be disabled. Should your website become disabled AND you have a hosting plan with MyWebChef that is connected to a corporate partner, that hosting plan will continue to be charged by MyWebChef. Your website files will still live on our server until you cancel your hosting subscription within your dashboard on this website. It is your responsibility to cancel hosting with MyWebChef should your website be disabled by one of our Third Party /Corporate Partners. You as the customer, are not allowed or permitted to move your template to another hosting platform without written consent from our third party / corporate partners. We do not honor any agreement, understanding, and/or promise by any of our third party / corporate partners that are not previously agreed upon in writing by the partner in question and an authorized personnel of MyWebChef.

Changes to Terms

MyWebChef (Five Multimedia LLC) reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the Terms under which and www.mywebchef is offered. The most current version of the Terms will supersede all previous versions. MyWebChef encourages you to periodically review the Terms to stay informed of our updates.

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Effective as of December 20, 2021